Result Management System

Result Management System

Result Management System

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This Software helps you to manage results, subjects, classes. Also, you can see the all report you want with details descriptions.

Some features-

✅ Student- Student’s profile with avatar. Can manage class, roll, year from academic tab

✅ Academic- Class management. Subject management. Department Setting. Exam management

✅ Manage grade- Easy to set custom grade. Result grade auto calculate.

✅ Mark management- Mark input by ajax system. Add mark value subject wise. Add comments during the input mark. Upload by CSV full subject.

✅ Result management- Result display by student roll, class, exams, and year. Download as PDF, CSV file.

✅ Manage certificate- Display by student roll, class, exams & year. Certificate can be print anytime. Download pdf file.

✅ Teacher- Teacher account system with nice teacher’s photo. The teacher manages the student’s result, certificate, exam mark.

✅ Setting- Manage Institute info. Add institute logo & favicon. Set result setting here. Configuration email. The set certificate also can design.

✅ Backup & Restore- Can backup & restore as well. Students & Teacher’s photo is backup as a zip file. All of the database files be backup as CSV files.


Demo access-

User – admin@gmail.com

Pass – 12345


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


Create Date : Feb 06, 2019

Updated Date : Oct 11, 2020


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