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Direct Selling

Direct Selling

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Register with Referral Sponsor ID
If the sponsor reached the referral limit the user will be placed automatically in horizontal downline (Spillover Concept)
Enter the user details
Enter User’s Email address and Mobile number
Enter nominee detail


User can login with Profile ID and Email address along with password
User have forgot password option
User can re-set password using Email

Commission Details:

After completing the user registration direct referral bonus will be sent to their sponsor

If their sponsor completes certain pair, pair bonus will be sent.

If a new user purchases or repurchases the product, purchase bonus will be sent to their sponsor


Matrix Details:

2x2 Matrix

Spillover placement


A user’s first 2 refered user will be placed below their downline. After the limit, they will be placed in user’s horizontal downline



Renewal user

       User can view the downline user whom renewal their plan


       User can view the downline user whom not renewal their plan
Downline list

       User view their downline user in the table view

Blank space

      User can view their downline blank space in the table format

      On that details they can add new user with details



View purchased product details

View product price details

View payment status and method

View Date of purchase and Category


My account:

View Downline user details

View Downline user registered date with detail

View Downline user details of below

       Renewal users

       Non renewal users

       Blankspace in their downline


Profile management:

User can manage their profile picture

User can update their password

User can view their personal details

User can view sponsor details

User can view Nominee details


Plan details:

User can view current plan details

User can upgrade the plan

User upgrade with payment gateway


Binary Tree view (Genealogy):

User view their downline user by tree view

Tree will show the user details

Tree will show downline user count


Send withdrawn request:

User can request of their wallet amount

User enter desired amount detail

User enter amount with message

Manage send withdrawn request detail


Cancel withdrawn request:

User can cancel the withdrawn request

User can manage the cancelled withdrawn request details


TDS Deduction:

TDS will be deducted on every withdrawal.

TDS percentage can be managed by admin.



User will get reward if they completes certain pair (managed by admin)

Reward icon will be shown in their profile Wallet Statement:

User can view the wallet statement

User can view reason for credit and amount credited in their wallet

User can view the status



User can view available product with detail

User can buy product through payment gateway

Manage purchased details in profile



User can view available news in the site

View detail with media




User can view available event in the site

View detail with media


CMS pages:

About us

Contact us

Terms & Condition

Privacy policy



Social network connections


Demo Access- 

User login
UserID- AIBL20180711
Possword- 123456a
Agent login
user name- apon-r
Admin login
URL- https://bahonfood.com/admin/
User name- admin
Password- anamika786


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


Create Date : Feb 06, 2019

Updated Date : Dec 02, 2020


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