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ERP Solution

ERP system is an online business management tool for managing your business's inventory, tax detection, and product management, and staff management, sales management, reports, and other various features that are available in the ERP system.

Key Feature :

✅ Stock Management.

✅ Service Management.

✅ Purchases Management.

✅ Sales Management.

✅ Invoicing

✅ User/Customers/Suppliers Management.

✅ Accounting.

✅ HRM with payroll.

✅ Roles and Permission.

Details Feature list:

User Management
    ✅ Adding User and assigning a location to a user
    ✅ Role Management
    ✅ Using Commission Agent feature

Contact Management
    ✅ Customer and Supplier Ledger
    ✅ Adding opening balance and payment
    ✅ Contacts Management 
    ✅ Customer Groups

    ✅ Single and Variable product
    ✅ Import Products
    ✅ Variations
    ✅ Product Units
    ✅ Product Category
    ✅ Selling Price Groups

    ✅ Add Brands, Catagory, Units, Tax Rates, Group Taxes

    ✅ Products with expiry

    ✅ Low stock alert and expiry alert.

    ✅ Predefined SKU or auto-generated SKU

    ✅ IMEI/Serial number, lot number

    ✅ Print bar-code and label

    ✅ Import product CSV

Product Warranty
    ✅ Printing Labels
    ✅ Duplicate Product
    ✅ Correcting product stock mismatch or incorrect stock in different reports
    ✅ Bulk Edit Products

    ✅ Purchase Management
    ✅ Purchase Payments - Credit, PAID or partial payment.

    ✅ Purchase return

    ✅ Payment Reminders

    ✅ Taxes, Discount and Shipping Charges

    ✅ Specific lot number and expiry

    ✅ Upload purchase document

    ✅Credit, Paid, and Partial paid sales.   

    ✅ Selling, Credit Sales, Draft, Quotations, and Suspended Sales.
    ✅ Featured Products in POS screen
    ✅ Using ERP for Selling of Services
    ✅ Sales Return
    ✅ Sales Subscriptions
    ✅ Cash Register
    ✅ Invoice Layout

    ✅ Payment options - Cash, CC, Cheque, Bank Transfer
    ✅ Gift Receipt
    ✅ Invoice External URL
    ✅ Configuring keyboard shortcuts for POS screen
    ✅ Discounts by Brand, Category, Location
    ✅ Reward Points, Royalty points
    ✅ Types of Service
    ✅ Shipments, Home Delivery or parcel management

    ✅ Specific commission agent

Human Resources Management (HRM)

    ✅ Leaves management
         ✅ Leave Type
         ✅ Maximum leave counts
         ✅ Leave count interval
         ✅ Leave status – Added/Approved/Denied
    ✅ Attendance
         ✅ Clock-In & Clock-out
         ✅ Clock-In, Clock-Out notes
         ✅ Interval calculation
    ✅ Payroll
         ✅ Based on attendance
         ✅ Allowances
         ✅ Deductions
         ✅ Payroll payment
    ✅ Holidays
         ✅ Holiday for a particular location or all locations.
         ✅ Send notification to users.
    ✅ ToDo List:
         ✅ Add new to-do items
         ✅ Mark items as completed.
         ✅ Delete items
         ✅ Date-Wise to-do list.
    ✅ Document Storage & Sharing:
         ✅ Easy document storage to the cloud in your server.
         ✅ Share documents with other users or other roles.
         ✅ Download document.
         ✅ Delete documents
    ✅ Memos
         ✅ Written message or short or Long notes.
         ✅ Share with other users or roles Delete
    ✅ Reminders
         ✅ Add reminder with event name, date, time.
         ✅ One time reminder or Repeated reminder – every day or every week or every month
         ✅ Nice calendar view.
    ✅ Messaging
         ✅ Send messages to everyone within your business.

Tax Settings
    ✅ Tax Rates, Tax Groups, and Disabling tax
    ✅ Setting Ultimate POS for Indian Users or other Countries with GST support.

Payment Accounts
    ✅ Enabling and using Payment account or bank account
    ✅ Setting default payment accounts for payment methods

    ✅ Adding expenses and Adding expenses for an employee


    ✅ Profit and Loss Report

    ✅ Purchase and Sell Report

    ✅ Stock Reports

    ✅ Trending Product Report 

    ✅ Tax Reports

    ✅ Expense Reports

    ✅ Suplier and Customer Report

    ✅ Cash Register Reports

    ✅ Salesperson Report

    ✅ Notifications Settings 
    ✅ Setting up Email or SMTP for Forgot password and other email notifications.
    ✅ Enable or Disable Auto Sending of notifications
    ✅ The browser or Desktop notification using the pusher


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


Create Date : Jun 21, 2020

Updated Date : Oct 11, 2020


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